Our products are sold through our trade partners around the world or in our webshop.

You can find the size guide in the description of the product where you can choose the appropriate size or you can contact us to find together the right for your needs.

Our products are made from materials which our pets are familiar with(wood, metal, fabric, etc.). We have paid special attention to the good quality stainless steel unbreakable bowls.

The wooden and steel parts of our objects can be easily cleaned using just wet cloth or with a small amount of a general use mild detergent. Bowls can be washed as kitchenware by hand or washing machine. Especially for the fabrics, we follow the instructions found in the product description for each one.

In our page “accessories” you can find replacement bowls such as cushion covers in a variety of colors.

In 4Legs we construct in our own the offered products and this gives us the opportunity to cover every special need and construction. You can just contact us using any available way and we are sure we can find the right pick for you!